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An ESG Hiring Spree

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When all the superheroes converge on the scene, you know something big is about to happen. In the corporate world, we’re seeing a serious ramp-up in efforts to build out teams specifically focused on ESG policies and investing — something big is indeed happening. This “talent war,” as The Financial Times phrased it, is running rampant across sectors and industries.

Last month, accounting powerhouse PwC announced they’re starting a five-year hiring spree to add 100k new jobs to support clients in their sustainability and diversity reporting. We’re also seeing market-leading corporations hire new heads of sustainability. As these teams assemble and grow, we see a clear signal that learning how to invest in line with our values — for individuals and institutions alike — is the future of investing.

What is "Greenwashing" and how can you avoid it?

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At its most basic, greenwashing is when a company gives a false impression or promotes misleading information to a potential investor or consumer about the environmental or social impacts of their product, or about their ESG practices (thanks, handy FWIW common terms resource!). For instance, a company may say it is “sustainable,” “organic,” or “green,” but these claims may not always be what they seem. Always feel empowered to dig deeper to be confident in your investments.

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