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Checking Your List Twice

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Happy Thursday!

If your inboxes are anything like ours, you’re likely getting fewer work emails this week as colleagues log off for the holidays. You may also be seeing at least a few “2023 outlook” subject lines, as it’s the time of year when analysts gaze into their crystal balls and tell us what we can expect in the next 12 months.

The trouble with these forecasts, as one New York Times columnist pointed out last weekend, is that they are most often wrong. The article shares a piece of advice we think is worth remembering as you scan all those outlooks: “Accept that you need to invest without knowing what will happen to your money over the short term.” It echoes one of our fundamental beliefs here at FWIW — that it’s important to embrace uncertainty and keep your eye on the long term, as we point out in our Guide to the Rewards of Long-Term Investing.

That covers our investing wisdom for this week, as we’re keeping things lighter while the business world slows down over the holidays (though Monday’s report on a breakthrough UN biodiversity agreement to protect 30% of Earth’s land and water, along with our story on how biodiversity and investing go together, is still certainly news you can use). Today, we’re bringing you some last-minute financial gift ideas for the loved ones on your list, as well as some recommended books, movies, and podcasts to catch up on during the holiday lull.

Whatever your traditions, we wish you joyous holidays and hope you are able to spend time with family, friends, and pleasant airplane seatmates.

Programming note: While we are hoping everyone can enjoy a lighter email inbox for a few weeks, don’t be surprised to see FWIW pop up next Thursday as well. We will be featuring a quick quiz and some last-minute thoughts for those new year’s resolutions.

Asking for a friend….

We know there is a lot to think about these days, and it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. To help with those nagging questions and so you have useful resources at your fingertips, here are few links to resources and past stories relevant in these turbulent times:

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