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Let The Sun Shine In!

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Hi FWIW friends,

What a week in the world of finance and investing! From talk of upcoming interest rate hikes, to new GDP data, to earnings reports from big tech companies like Apple, Alphabet, and Amazon (yay, alliteration!), to eye-watering drops in major market indexes on multiple days, to the (enough already!) play-by-play nature of the news around Elon Musk taking Twitter private.

If you are not sure what all this means to you on your investing journey, don’t despair, that’s why FWIW is here! Want to learn more about interest rates and the Fed? We’ve got you! Wondering what all the terms thrown around in all these earnings calls mean? We’re on it. Need to be reminded what it means for a company to be public or private as Elon Musk seems to be on the verge of taking Twitter private? Here’s a handy explainer on private and public companies. We will keep the information, the resources, and the explainers coming so you can always turn to FWIW for that confidence boost or the answer to that investing question you’ve always wanted to ask. We’re here as you look for ways to invest in the world you want and to still have a decent chance of sleeping well at night.

News you can use

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  • Earth Day love for forests continues. The lungs of our world got a lot of attention this month. President Biden signed an Executive Order to protect old-growth forests and reduce wildfires on federal land, and National Geographic committed its May issue to “Saving Forests” noting “They’re key to protecting the planet. Now they need our help.” This comes as the World Resources Institute reports that the world lost 9.3 million acres of primary old-growth forest in tropical forests in 2021.
  • Paying for college education is the new perk. Tyson Foods announced they will be offering to cover college tuition for all of their 120,000 employees, following the lead of some of their peers, like JBS, and a number of other Fortune 100 companies, including Walmart.

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