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Nerd out with us — what we’re reading & watching

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What we’re reading -


Millennials and Gen Z are a growing force in investing

Key Questions Every Investor Should Ask in Light of Climate Change

Without Standards, “Buyer Beware” is the watchword for ESG investors


Broke Millennial Takes On Investing by Erin Lowry

The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

The Memo: Five Rules for Your Economic Liberation by FWIW Advisory Board member John Hope Bryant

Activate Your Money: Invest to Grow Your Wealth and Build a Better World by Janine Firpo

A Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton G Malkiel

The Good Your Money Can Do: Becoming a Conscious Investor by Eva Yashari

Real Impact: The New Economics of Social Change by Morgan Simon

GIVE: How to Manage Your Money and Make a Difference by Rebecca Orlowitz David

The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel

What we’re watching & listening to -


MSCI’s Weekly ESG Podcast — a must-listen for the FWIW team


Why Investing for Social Impact is Growing So Fast: A Bloomberg TV discussion on why the next generation of investors has a strong interest in investing in line with their values

Making the World Better Through Investing: A Barron’s conversation on how to drive positive social and environmental outcomes alongside market returns