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Still Falling Short on Climate | EVs Go Big

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Happy Thursday!

Today we observe Veterans Day in the United States, also known as Armistice Day — an occasion when the world successfully united for a common cause and ended WWI. (Scroll down for a list of resources and tools we’ve compiled to help you identify companies that support veterans.)

As COP26 wraps up in Glasgow on Friday, it’s also time for a moment of truth on how well we’ve come together with the rest of the world to fight one of the biggest security threats of our time: climate change.

After the speeches are over, the haggis is eaten, and everyone unironically flies back home, there will be a lot more work to do. In this issue, we break down the headlines and unpack what these latest commitments mean for investors like you.

As former US President Barack Obama pointed out in his speech on Monday, when it comes to global efforts to mitigate climate change, “collectively and individually we’re still falling short.”

Ultimately, it’s up to all of us, collectively and individually, if this moment will be remembered as the “tipping point” in climate awareness by future generations.

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FWIW Editors

Impact movers: Electric boogaloo

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> All-electric vehicle startup Rivian had the biggest US IPO since 2012, in the latest sign of investors throwing their weight behind EVs. The Amazon-backed truck maker raised almost $12 billion this week in the 12th largest listing in history. Rivian’s investors include Ford and T. Rowe Price Group Inc. We were excited to see the investor enthusiasm for EV companies propel the stock to $119 on the first day of trading and to hear the company committed 8.2 million shares to their Forever fund to “support high-impact climate initiatives and preserve critical biodiversity.” We also must admit that we were already fans: their factory is located in Normal, Illinois, the town where our CEO Jean Case grew up.

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