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Time for a Different Climate Endgame

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Last week's report on the climate crisis, released by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), is undeniably grim. We’ve got less than a decade to make the world carbon-neutral — and even then, some negative consequences of climate change are already baked in. Much like the end of Avengers: Infinity War, it’s easy to feel like Thanos has already snapped his fingers and changed the course of humanity.

But there’s still time for a different endgame. Though we probably can’t develop the technology to travel back in time (spoiler alert), investors can put their own capital into companies and funds that prioritize climate change, including the multi-trillion dollar market for decarbonization. Already, investors and money managers have committed to align $43 trillion with net zero carbon goals by 2050; pushing up the deadline to 2030 will require a massive commitment.

What does that look like? Investors can start by asking four key questions to vet the climate commitments of current and potential investments. From ETFs to equity crowdfunding, investments in technology that get us closer to net zero emissions are worthy, and increasingly accessible, portfolio additions. But on top of changing the emission status quo, some say we could also see the next best thing to time travel: sucking the existing carbon out of the atmosphere.

The report is a serious warning for all of us — and an invitation to get up and make an impact. #InvestorsAssemble

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