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Wake Up, Babe; New Fiber Dropped

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Happy Thursday!

As you might have heard, Earth Day is right around the corner. Since 1970, millions of people have celebrated the day by planting trees and cleaning up parks, and it’s been inspiring to see how the movement continues to gain traction.

This year’s theme, Invest In Our Planet, will resonate with the FWIW readers who strive year-round to align their investing and purchasing decisions with a more sustainable future. So this week, we are bringing you five ideas to help you on your sustainable investing journey:

  1. Discover the business case for investing in clean energy: In the past six years, the As You Sow/Corporate Knights Clean200 companies generated a total return of 91.21%, beating the MSCI ACWI/Energy Index of fossil fuel companies (61.31%).
  2. Research sustainable funds: This week, Morningstar featured six sustainable funds to consider, all vetted using the firm’s sustainable-investing framework. Looking for more options? We have a handy list of tools for researching sustainable stocks and funds.
  3. Learn about cleantech: Tech-based solutions to the climate crisis are evolving every day. Whether you want to know more about investing in solar energy, green hydrogen, methane plugging, or other solutions, the FWIW Guide to Cleantech Investing has you covered.
  4. Get inspired: Bloomberg’s new list of 12 Climate Tech Innovators features a handful of pioneers working toward a net-zero future. Only one company on the list is publicly traded today (Li-Cycle), but you might discover emerging areas to watch.
  5. Invest in sustainable fibers: Yes, this one might sound pretty niche, but many companies are working to reduce the environmental impact of textiles. We have more details in our deep dive below.

If you are looking for other ways to help the planet beyond your investments, the Great Global Cleanup is one way to get involved in your community. We have more news below on what’s happening this week on Wall Street and beyond.

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